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Exterior House Painting – Enhancing Curb Appeal

Painting your home is one of the most effective ways to boost its visual appeal and curbside appearance. It’s also an essential task if you plan to sell your home in the future.

If you’re planning to do an exterior house paint job, be sure to plan ahead, choose the right materials, and take the weather into account. A professional Painters Wilmington DE would be a great help for your project.


Paint The Front Door

Painting the front door is one of the most impactful projects you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Not only does it set the mood for how people perceive your house, but it also makes a first impression on guests and potential buyers. Whether you want to brighten it up or add contrast, this is a simple and budget-friendly way to refresh the look of your home.

Selecting the right paint color is important to make your entry stand out and tie together your home’s overall style. Look for a shade that complements or accentuates the colors used on your trim, shutters, and other portions of the facade. For example, a patriotic red on window shutters and trim complements a rustic ranch house while shades of blue highlight a beach cottage.

Once you’ve chosen a color, paint the door using a brush or sprayer. Be sure to use high-quality exterior paint to ensure long-lasting results. Depending on the weather and conditions, you may need to apply multiple coats and wait a day or two between each application. When choosing a color, keep in mind that it will appear different under different lighting conditions, so tape a swatch to the side of the door and observe throughout the day.

If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal even more, consider adding a plant or a bench to the area surrounding your front door. This creates a welcoming atmosphere where guests can sit and relax. It’s a great place to chat with friends and family members or simply watch the world go by.

Repainting your home’s exterior can improve its value, but it isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a homeowner or an experienced contractor, it’s crucial to prepare before getting started. Be sure to assess the location of the project, research the best type of paint for your property’s materials and climate, secure scaffolding or extended height ladders, brush up on safety knowledge, and adequately and thoroughly clean and prep the surfaces you’ll be painting. Also, it’s a good idea to consider renting a power sprayer for your paint job as this will make the process much more efficient.

Paint The Sides

A fresh coat of paint can give a home’s exterior a new lease on life, whether it’s a beachfront cottage, a suburban new build, or a country farmhouse. Choose a color that blends in or provides a striking contrast, depending on your preference and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to sell, go for a classic shade that will appeal to most buyers. If you’re not ready to sell, try a bold hue that reflects your personality and creates a distinctive look for your house.

Aim for high-quality exterior paint that’s low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and made from sustainable materials. These types of paints are water-based and are less harmful to the environment and your health than conventional oil-based paints. When painting, you’ll want to practice good technique. Brushing offers more control and is ideal for detail work, while rolling can cover large surfaces quickly. It’s also a smart idea to invest in a primer, which will help ensure a smooth surface and will increase the durability of your paint job.

When it comes to curb appeal, the details are what make the difference. Paint decorative hardware, shutters, and trim in a fresh color to elevate the overall look of your home. This is a project that’s easy and affordable, but it will have a significant impact.

New planting beds are another way to add contrast and curb appeal to your yard. They’re a great way to frame your home and draw attention to the front door, as well as provide a focal point that’s easier to maintain than a lawn.

A well-maintained mailbox can boost your curb appeal and make it easier for visitors and delivery people to find your address. If your mailbox is rusty or outdated, consider replacing it with something more modern. Also, consider updating the numbers to make it easier for people to read. Adding a porch swing or conversation set to your backyard is a simple yet effective way to make your outdoor space more inviting and encourage guests to relax and spend time there.

Paint The Trim

The small decorative elements of your home – shutters, window trim, and even your mailbox – can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your house. Painting these trim items can make them pop and bring a sense of uniqueness and intrigue to your home’s exterior. When painting the trim of your home, it’s important to choose a color that will complement the other colors on your home, whether it’s a shade lighter or darker than your siding and window colors. Using a color wheel can help you decide what shade would best compliment your home.

Before you start painting your trim, it’s a good idea to clean off the area with a pressure washer to remove dirt, mildew, and debris. This step can make the paint job much easier and more effective.

When it comes to choosing a paint for your trim, it’s always a good idea to use a high-quality exterior house paint that is designed to last. You also want to make sure that the type of paint you choose is compatible with your home’s materials and climate conditions. Finally, consider the sheen of the paint – flat or satin finishes are ideal for body paint while semi-gloss and gloss are better suited for trims and details.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your curb appeal. A new paint job can give your home a dramatic appearance, draw in potential buyers, and increase its value. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, a new exterior paint job can provide an edge over the competition and get your property sold faster.

While it may seem daunting to take on a project as big as painting your entire house’s exterior, it is not as difficult as you might think. Taking the time to prepare, secure scaffolding or extended ladders, brush up on your safety knowledge, and recruit a few friends can help you successfully complete this project. And, if done correctly, your curb appeal will be enhanced for years to come.

Paint The Roof

If the roof of your home is a dark shade, it can detract from the overall look of your house. Adding a fresh coat of paint will make your roof stand out, and brighten up the overall appearance of your home. A neutral color like beige or gray will blend in well with any exterior color, or you can try something bolder to make your house pop. Our painters are seeing neutrals in the most popular shades right now, but blue has also made a comeback.

Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or simply want to add some curb appeal, a fresh coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your home. Painting the exterior of a house takes a little more time and effort than painting an interior, but it can make a significant difference in how your home looks.

Before you start the actual painting process, take the time to power wash your entire exterior and repair any damaged areas. This will give you a better surface to work with, and it’ll help your new paint job last longer. You should also remove any awnings, plants, or other items that will be in the way of the project.

Exterior house painting is a more complicated task than interior painting because the surfaces are usually more uneven and have more wear and tear. You can do a lot of the prep work yourself, but you’ll need professional equipment to apply the paint properly. Paint sprayers will be much faster and more precise than a brush, and they’ll help ensure an even finish. If you’re painting over wood, use a wood primer before applying the topcoat. If you’re painting over masonry or stucco, a concrete primer is recommended.

Adding curb appeal to your home is a great investment in both the long-term value of your property and your personal satisfaction with where you live. If you’re planning to sell your house, increasing its appeal can speed up the time it spends on the market and maximize your return on investment. And if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, improving your curb appeal will make you feel better about your home and encourage you to enjoy it more often.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Upgrading to energy-efficient replacement windows can help keep your home comfortable and your wallet happy. New windows also offer UV protection, which extends the life of your furniture, fabrics and carpeting.

Replacement Windows

Easton Replacement Windows come in a wide range of architectural styles and opening types, including awning, casement, slider, hopper and bay/bow. Consumer Reports recommends comparing prices and features to find the best deal on your new windows.

One of the primary benefits of replacement windows is energy efficiency. By replacing old windows that are single pane and drafty, you can keep the temperature in your home more consistent and save on your energy bills. Modern energy efficient windows feature Low-E glass and frames that have a U-factor as low as 0.7, which minimizes heat transfer. They help to keep the warm air in during chilly winters and out of your home during scorching summers, reducing your load on your HVAC system year-round.

Aside from lowering your energy consumption, energy-efficient windows also improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources. They also reduce the demand for fossil fuels, a major source of air pollution. Additionally, they can help to reduce noise pollution by blocking out the sounds of traffic and construction in your neighborhood.

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, look for the ENERGY STAR logo to ensure you’re purchasing high quality products. This seal of approval from the US Department of Energy indicates that a product meets government standards for energy efficiency and performance. Additionally, many energy efficient windows have built-in condensation barriers that eliminate moisture buildup, which can contribute to mildew and mold growth inside your home.

Adding energy-efficient windows to your home may require an investment upfront, but they can provide you with significant returns down the road. In fact, a window replacement project is among the top eight projects for return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine. New windows can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, making them an excellent long-term investment.

In addition to energy savings, new replacement windows are also easy to open and close. This can be helpful if you have children or pets, who might need to escape in the event of a fire in your home. They are also more secure than older windows, with simple function that makes it easier for them to be opened from the outside if necessary. These safety features can be a selling point for your home and help to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Better Noise Reduction

The same technology that reduces energy loss also makes replacement windows more effective at blocking outside noise. This is especially important for homeowners living near airports, interstates, or other noisy locations where the sounds of aircraft, traffic, construction, and neighbors can penetrate into the home. This constant noise can create a stressful environment for anyone trying to rest and recharge in their home, and it can be a real problem for those who work from home or who have children who need to get a good night’s sleep.

Noise-reducing replacement windows are insulated to minimize the amount of outside sound that enters the home. The types of glass and window frame material can also impact the noise reduction capabilities of the windows. For example, double-pane windows have a higher STC rating than single-pane windows, which helps to block sound better. Laminated glass is another option that provides improved noise reduction compared to standard windows.

Another feature that can help reduce outside noise is weatherstripping, which combines foam and silicone to seal the window opening and prevent air from entering the home. This type of technology is available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and materials to complement any style of home.

In addition to noise reduction, modern replacement windows are designed with insulation to minimize drafts and heat transfer. This can further improve a homeowner’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Window styles include bay and bow windows, which feature large glass panes in an angled frame that protrudes from the home, as well as casement and picture windows, which are smaller and fit into the existing frame. Some styles even offer enhanced privacy features, such as built-in blinds or tinted glass to prevent people from looking inside the home.

When choosing replacement windows, it is important to consider the type of home and lifestyle you have as well as your budget. The cost of new replacement windows can vary depending on the size, style and functionality you choose, as well as the frame material and glass options. Choosing high-quality windows that are made from durable, low-maintenance materials like vinyl or fiberglass can increase the lifespan of the new replacement windows and decrease the overall installation cost in the long run.

Increased Home Value

A new set of replacement windows will add to your home’s curb appeal, making it more appealing to potential buyers. This is especially true if your old windows are out of style or have deteriorated due to age. Buyers often prioritize homes with recent upgrades, including energy efficiency features and other home improvements.

While you may not recoup all of the cost of your window replacement investment, it is still a good idea to invest in high-quality, attractive products that will improve your home’s value and provide long-term benefits. For example, if your windows are broken or cracked and do not open or close properly, they can reduce the airflow through your house, leading to increased utility bills. In addition, a broken window can also let in unwanted exterior noise and could even cause your home to fail inspections.

New, high-quality windows are a great way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic, increase its energy efficiency and enhance its overall security. If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, consider making this smart home improvement project a priority. You’ll be surprised at how much you can increase your home’s value by making the right investment in your windows.

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose to install Replacement Windows is that they offer a high return on investment when compared to other home improvements. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value report, you can recoup an average of 72% of the cost of your new windows when it comes time to sell your home.

This is particularly true if you opt for energy efficient models that are easy to maintain. Modern, double-pane windows can help you save on monthly energy costs while enhancing your home’s curb appeal and adding to its resale value.

Another major advantage of replacing your windows is that you can usually install them without removing or disrupting the existing walls, trims or siding. This makes it a less disruptive and costly project that can be completed in the late spring or early summer when weather tends to be milder.


If your windows are outdated, replacement is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your home. Many window types are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors, from traditional wood to modern aluminum cladding. Adding new windows to your home can instantly transform its exterior aesthetic and improve curb appeal.

Besides improving your home’s energy efficiency and durability, replacing old windows can also help reduce drafts. Eliminating any gaps or cracks in your old window will put less strain on your HVAC system to heat and cool your house, resulting in lower utility bills.

Another benefit of replacing your windows is that they will provide better protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This will help protect your home’s carpeting, furniture and other interior decor from fading. Older windows typically don’t offer UV protection, while newer models are engineered to do so.

In addition, some replacement windows feature a sash that can be tilted inward to allow you to clean the glass from the inside without having to remove the window from the frame. Moreover, today’s windows are designed with features like between-the-glass blinds that can be closed or open to block out sunlight, which can help keep your home cleaner and more comfortable.

Keeping your windows in good condition is essential for maintaining your home’s value and preventing leaks, which can lead to costly repairs and other problems. One of the best ways to protect your windows is to install weather stripping and caulking. This helps seal your home and prevents air leakage, which is a common cause of higher utility bills.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or prepare it for sale, new windows are a great investment. They will improve your home’s aesthetic and increase its value. If you are considering replacing your windows, contact the experts at True View Windows and Glass to discuss your options. We can help you find the model and brand that’s perfect for your home.